Mar 11 2010


Thursday started with a follow up visit to see Dr. Fisher. Bottom line, everything is looking very good. There didn’t seem to be any surprises lurking in the lab work, and Dr. Fisher expressed surprise that my total bilirubin score is declining as rapidly as it is. My Prednisone dosage was bumped down another 5mg on Thursday to 15mg, and I seem to be tolerating that well, although I was cautioned to prepare for possible withdrawal symptoms, especially as we get closer to the 5mg or 2.5mg level that I’ll remain on indefinitely.

Most of our time during this visit was spent trying to clarify how much activity they’re willing to have me do. Make no mistake, I understand that one of the most important things I need to be doing at this stage is resting in order to give my body all the strength it needs to heal. But, I can’t sleep 24 hours a day, so I continue to find myself with energy to burn. Dr. Fisher’s guidelines were pretty straightforward — if something causes pain, don’t do it. Other than that, moderate weightlifting and any form of aerobic exercise is okay. My incision is healing nicely and they removed 15 of my 45 staples. With any luck, the remaining 30 will be plucked out at next Tuesday’s visit. Finally, my abdominal drain was removed — something I’ve been looking forward to for the past several days.

Dr. Fisher ended by giving me the green light to return home, something that two-and-a-half weeks ago I thought would be impossible by today. Friday, March 12th is Julia’s 7th birthday, and I had already prepared her for the very high likelihood that I’d not be able to get home in time celebrate with her in person, something she was not readily accepting. I fully expected that getting to call her and tell her we were coming home would rank among life’s happier events, and for a moment, it was. It turns out that the only thing better than telling your daughter you’re going to be home in time for her birthday is hearing her reaction to the news. That was a keeper.

And so, here we are. Home. I’ll remain tightly tethered to Richmond for many weeks as the transplant team watches for signs of rejection and any other complications that might occur. For months I’ll continue to return to Richmond on a weekly basis, but as long as there are no surprises, I should be able to do that as a day-long commute from home.

Thursday, March 11, 2010. All under the same roof, so life is good.


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  1. Kerry

    That is a hard birthday present to top! So glad you are home and doing so well!

  2. Thomas


  3. Joyce & Bill Miller

    Bill, So glad to hear that you are home. I know Julia was happy that you made it home in time for her birthday. Hope things continue to go as well for you as they have in the weeks since your surgery. We will be keeping all of you, in cluding Alison and Curt, in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. Randy Ford

    AWESOME BILL!!! TOTALLY AWESOME!! You look great! Your complexion has more color than it did when you were in elementary school at Verner (kind of ages you doesn’t it). Keep positive!

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