Monthly Archive: March 2010

Mar 23 2010

One Month After The Transplant

Today marks exactly four weeks from the date of my transplant, and it’s hard for me to remember a time when I’ve felt better. All of the symptoms that have been a constant presence for the past several years are absolutely gone. Every day I wonder if some sort of complication is going to sneak …

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Mar 11 2010


Thursday started with a follow up visit to see Dr. Fisher. Bottom line, everything is looking very good. There didn’t seem to be any surprises lurking in the lab work, and Dr. Fisher expressed surprise that my total bilirubin score is declining as rapidly as it is. My Prednisone dosage was bumped down another 5mg …

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Mar 09 2010

Two Weeks Under Our Belt and Finding the New Normal

First, to get caught up on some old news, here are some of the details about the days immediately following discharge from the hospital… Thursday evening at about 5pm, I was told that I was ready for discharge from the hospital. It would have been more accurate to say I was being discharged from the …

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Mar 04 2010

Thurday, March 4, 2010: Day Ten Post-Transplant

I had hoped to post an update or two earlier, but it’s been an eventful past couple of days that unfortunately included a return to the Critical Care unit starting late Sunday night. Let me start with a quick review of the weekend following my last posting: Friday: Alison and I continued to make great …

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