Feb 20 2010

Places everyone, places…alright, this time with feeling: Living Donor Transplant — Take 2

Okay, we’re gonna try this thing again.

We are now officially scheduled for the transplant on Monday, February 22nd. Catherine and I will join Alison and Curt at the VCU Health System by noon this Sunday and begin the pre-operative extravaganza. After the initial disappointment of the week-long delay, I’m back in a very calm place, feeling completely positive about the surgery. Make no mistake, there’s still a part of my brain that’s reserved for fear, and I’ve been confronting that on a near-daily basis. But I’ve made an active decision to not dwell there for very long, instead choosing to focus on the abundance of positives that we’ve been blessed with. The fear is nothing more than a noisy neighbor with bad taste in music; I’ve just got to turn my own music up a little louder.

This weekend is going to slip away pretty quickly, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to send out another post before it’s show time. Thanks again for all the well wishes, generosity and prayers. It would be impossible to overstate how much that support means to all of us.

By the way, Catherine will be providing periodic updates from the hospital. If you’re not on her mailing list already and would like to be added, just drop her a quick e-mail at chvarner@aol.com.

Back soon…

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  1. Al Paulsen

    Dear Bill and Alison, we’ll be thinking and praying for you and you families on Monday, and throughout your recovery. I came across this little message last night that may provide some comfort, and maybe a smile, as you prepare for the big event: “Don’t let your worries get the best of you; Rember, Moses started out as a basket case.”

    God be with you,
    Al and Sharon

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