Feb 15 2010

Transplant POSTPONED

As we’ve all learned in life, first dates don’t always go as planned. Such is the case with the date for the liver transplant. For unforeseen circumstances, the surgery originally scheduled for Monday, February 15th has been postponed and we are waiting to learn when the transplant will be rescheduled. The transplant team is holding February 22nd (next Monday), but we won’t know if we’ll be moving ahead with that date until later this week — possibly Thursday or even Friday, so stay tuned for an update.

Although it was initially difficult to learn that we had been postponed, we’re in a very good place now mentally and physically, and probably a little more braced for whatever additional unplanned events come our way. We are also deeply thankful for the support, prayers and words of encouragement that have helped us through this latest hurdle.


  1. Susan Cherones

    ((((((((Bill & Alison & Their Families and teams))))))))) I am seeing you both healthy happy and whole with properly functioning bile ducts and the whole nine yards! Love, love!

  2. Walter R. Smith

    Bill, Catherine, Allison know that you are in my prayers for a successful outcome to your surgery. As you fall asleep on the operating table may you feel you are sleeping in the healing arms of God, and may your doctors and nurses be the best doctors and nurses they can be as they live out their ministry of healing.

  3. Sharon Hartless

    Kevin had told me about your transplant and sent the link so I could see for myself how good you were doing. Amazing! It is hard to believe the piece of liver transplanted has grown to full size in 9 days. Isn’t God wonderful! I will continue to pray for you.
    Sharon Hartless

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